How Paul & Elizabeth used their Mortgage Action Plan to save over $200,000 in Interest!

Introducing Paul & Elizabeth

  • Paul and Elizabeth are hard-working professionals in their early 50’s who didn’t want their mortgage debt to hold them back from building wealth and having a comfortable retirement.
  • They had recently purchased their first cash flow positive investment property and had been looking for a mortgage reduction model that was effective and had a solid support structure in place.
  • We then set about strategising with Paul & Elizabeth over how to utilise these funds as well as their wages in the best way possible.

Their goals included:

  • Paying off their home loan ASAP
  • Increasing their potential to invest again
  • A self-funded retirement lifestyle with a further $50,000 per annum in 10 years time

Less Debt More Life™

You work hard for your money – imagine your peace of mind knowing your money is working hard for you. Our Mortgage Action Plan delivers guaranteed results and allows you to start living the life you deserve.


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