Finance talk taboo: It’s time to talk

Finance talk taboo is a bizarre concept to us at Credit Connection. For starters, talking about finances is what we excel at. However, the concept of talking about finances shouldn’t be done in hush tones after looking around to see who’s listening because talking about them is the best way of improving them.

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The idea of finances being such a personal topic that one dare not speak about is one of the most counterproductive issues in our society. The roots of this taboo are deep and still shrouded in the appearance of wealth and not its understanding. Some studies have pointed out that many couples would rather talk about infidelities than family finances. What?

As we stated, it comes down to appearance. If one doesn’t talk about the struggles they may have financially and still show off the nice car, the beautiful house, and the other fancy things, then the appearance is that they have their finances together. Though, from experience, we know that the more extravagant the lifestyle, the bigger the finance mess tends to be.

Here’s the truth about finance talk taboo; it’s hurting you. Not talking about your finances with your partner, with experts, and with others means that you could be missing out on some meaningful learnings that could take you even closer to financial freedom.

With money being so closely tied with the ideas of success and power, it’s not surprising that many don’t want to express their concerns or even misfortunes when it comes to their, well, fortunes. The idea that admitting an error or a lack of understanding around financial topics means, for some, weakness, when the actuality couldn’t be further from that.

The pursuit of knowledge, especially when it comes to finances, should constantly be growing. The human desire to figure things out and grow our understanding is deep and shouldn’t be hindered by any taboo. Australian poet Alison Croggon said it best when she wrote, “There is no shame in not knowing something. The shame is in not being willing to learn.”

There is a wealth of knowledge around, well, wealth and tapping into it mean that your understanding of finances grows, as does your net worth. The catch to gaining this knowledge is talking about your finances and breaking down that finance talk taboo.

Talking about your finances, and even your money concerns, with friends, family, and co-workers will give you an insight into other people’s insecurities around their finances and get them to share what works or doesn’t work for them.

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Reaching out to financial mentors or even the finance experts, like ours, will ensure that you get the correct advice you need to reach your financial goals in 2022.

Finance talk taboo is a relic of a bygone age. With so much sharing information and learnings online, you’d be missing out on being too proud to talk about the topic yourself. Start the conversation today with someone you trust, and you’ll be surprised where those learnings might take you.

When in doubt, always reach out to financial experts to discuss your finances to ensure you’re doing the right thing for you and your family.

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