Financial hacks for 2022!

There are a lot of financial hacks on the internet. Some of them are useful, and some of them are so obvious that even the most seasoned Captain Obvious would exclaim, “well, duh.”

So, for the sake of this post, we’ll dispense with the “stop buying takeaway” advice and go for some that you might not have thought of before. Though, cooking at home is the best way to save a little dough. See what we did there? Ok, enough of that and into the actual financial hacks.

Mailing Lists

If you have done any shopping online, you no doubt have a bunch of promotional emails from websites trying to sell you the latest thing or telling you what’s on special for a “limited time”. It should be no surprise that these sales emails are designed to make you feel like you’ll miss out if you don’t purchase—the good ole FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) method.

Seeing a deal on something you might want, but don’t need, could force a snap financial decision that could have some real ramifications on your budget. Unsubscribing from these emails can help you save future you from temptation.

By law, all of these emails have to have an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom.

Second-Hand Treasure

There is no doubt that if you are looking for something for the house, checking out places like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace is fantastic for getting second-hand goods at a reasonable price. However, selling on these sites is just as easy as buying. Have a look around your house for items you could sell on Marketplace and have the double whammy of decluttering while making a few extra dollars.

Person turning off the air con

Chill out

One of the main expenses of the Aussie summer is the air con. Running it during the day might be necessary as the temps rack the high 30s, but there is a cheaper option at night.

Products like ChiliSleep offer bed tops that cool you down at night without running up the bills. Running the air con during the night could cost you upwards of $15-$20 a night, while running one of these chilled pillow tops for your mattress could cost a cool twenty cents a night.

You don’t need a calculator to work out the yearly savings there….a lot.

These are just a few less obvious financial hacks that we have compiled to save you money.

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If you would like some more financial hacks, please let us know via our social media pages, as we would love to bring you more of the content you want to read.

Happy savings!

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