Get a financial mentor in 2022!

A mentor can really change your life. Think back to the early years of your life when that one person went above and beyond for you with some life lessons and changed how you saw the world. If you’re lucky, you’ve had a few of these mentors and probably more than one that taught you something from the mistakes that they have made.

Somewhere along the path, we forget that we can reach out to a mentor for guidance and think we can “do it on our own”. Sadly, while there is a plethora of information online, having a mentor helps you cut through the noise and personalise that information to help you the most.

older woman mentoring a younger woman at her desk

Let’s make 2022 the year we get back on the mentor train and achieve your financial goals.

Where to start? Great question, not because I thought of it, but because it’s the most important one.

The Inner circle

Unless you have secluded yourself to a cabin in the middle of nowhere for the last decade, and I know after the pandemic a lot of wished he did, you probably have a healthy selection of family, friends, and peers. Out of that group, there usually is someone that you look up to as “having the answers” or “having it together.” Looking to your inner circle for a mentor means a straightforward approach to someone you already have a relationship with.

Are they “the one”?

While some people might have the knowledge, many are unable or unwilling to teach it. They may have too much on their plate or are not the “teaching type”, but they will make it an easy process if they are keen to teach. There are plenty of people who want to share their secrets, so if the number one choice isn’t willing, there are many who might have even more knowledge to give.

A man mentoring another man over Zoom on a laptop.

Asking for the first “date”.

Are your palms sweaty at the thought of asking the mentor to make you their mentee? That’s understandable, especially if the person you’re going to ask hasn’t mentored anyone before, and they might not think they can do it. Approaching the subject with them about wanting a mentor could either get them to offer their services or offer up the person who mentored them. That’s a great win as who better to learn from the master or the master that taught them?


I know this sounds more like dating advice than a mentorship, but the structure is similar. A great mentor is someone that you can relate to. Is there part of their story that speaks to your journey? Are they good listeners? Are they generous with their time and their advice? And can you see yourself grow with this person?

While I know that some of it sound like you’re looking for love instead of a financial guru, having the right person to nurture your curiosity around financial freedom will help you achieve your goals sooner than struggling on your own.

Suppose you don’t know anyone in your inner circle that could fill this role, some online directories that can help you. Think of them as mentor “dating” sites and take the time to find the right one.

Our team of experts can’t offer free mentoring, but they can offer you some top tier service and assistance in reaching your financial goals that would work perfectly in tandem with a mentor. You can contact our team here for a risk-free discussion.

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