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At Credit Connection, we help you take charge of your financial future. Our exclusive Mortgage Action Plan is a proven debt reduction strategy that teaches you to manage your finances like a pro, save thousands on interest and cut your home loan term in half (or less). No gimmicks just guaranteed results.

What is MAP?

Helping you to become debt free

Reducing your mortgage interest is smarter money management.
Streamline your finances, spend smarter, and save on interest.
Stay on track with proactive, personalised support..
Our Mortgage Action Plan is a game-changing approach to managing your money. It’s not about saving more or spending less – just better financial management.
We’ll work with you to structure your finances, optimise the way you manage your cash flow, and make your money work harder for you.
We’re with you all the way, supporting you to stick to your personalised action plan and manage your finances like an expert.

What our clients say...

Credit Connection works to help our clients achieve their financial dreams. Here are what some of our happy clients have to say.

Why choose Credit Connection?

We can get you on that pathway to #lessdebtmorelife today!

For over a decade we’ve helped

fast-track thousands to financial freedom!

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of saving thousands of dollars and years off your mortgage! We make saving money easy with expert knowledge and a common-sense approach. No tricks, just solid financial planning that creates astounding results.

We know that your personal finances are different, so we customise each approach to saving to ensure you get the most significant benefit. It’s about Less Debt More Life.


Our dedicated approach to your mortgage reduction will help you live the debt-free life you’ve always wanted.


Credit Connection is a collection of experts from all different fields of finance under one roof for your benefit. We’re ready to help you get control of that mortgage and get off the financial hamster wheel!


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Credit Connection makes it simple for you to take control of your cash flow, reduce your debt and achieve true financial independence. No gimmicks, just proven results. #lessdebtmorelife

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