Valentine’s Day Budget Love

This is your official warning that Valentine’s Day 2022 is fast approaching.

We understand that there are too many ways folks show their love and affection for their significant others, so we’re not trying to encapsulate everyone with this blog. Some folks think the way they show their love daily is enough to give Valentine’s Day the big ole skip. Then others think Valentine’s Day is the only day to show their love by buying something super-expensive. These examples are extreme opposites, and there are plenty in the middle that we hope we can help.

Busting your budget should never be how you express your love for your significant other, especially if you want to maintain 2022 as your year to hit your financial goals. If it is, our very tongue-in-cheek suggestion is couples financial therapy which will both help you get over this and also is expensive, so best of both worlds?

With that in mind, here are some inexpensive but emotionally enriching gifts that will make your love bloom even more.

Canvas prints of personal photgraphs

A thousand words…

Capturing a moment in a picture is always a winner. While the cheapest option would be to airdrop, text, or email a picture to your Valentine, it might be missing the emotional edge. A lovely photo placed into a nice frame is a great gift that is very cost-effective, depending on the frame. Kicking it up a notch, you could get a photo edited or popped through a photo filter to make it even more cinematic and printed on canvas. A standard print typically runs no more than $20.

No more excuses…

Can you believe that folks still claim they can’t cook? If you are one of them, we mean this in the nicest way, but saying “you can’t cook” actually says “I can’t follow instructions” because there are thousands of hours of step-by-step cooking videos made for free on YouTube. A beautiful meal made by you, especially if you’re not the main cook in the house, will say “I love you” louder than any chocolates or rose.

Cooking at home will always be cheaper than going out for dinner and much less frustrating than trying to get reservations this close to Valentine’s Day.

Person painting in watercolours

DI-WHY? Because I love you!

Let’s get creative this Valentine’s Day. Everyone has a talent that they can use to make a super-meaningful Valentine’s Day gift. If you’re a writer, writing out the story of your first date or your wedding day is a winner. If you’re an artist, create them a masterpiece. If you’re a builder, build them or fix that thing they’ve always wanted. If you are one of the millions that own a 3D Printer, there are tones of Valentine’s offerings online for free that you could print for them.

While trying to become debt-free and live that “Less Debt More Life” lifestyle, love shouldn’t be measured by how many numbers come BEFORE the decimal point in the price tag of your Valentine’s Day gift.

A gift that keeps on giving is cutting years and thousands off your mortgage! You can get started on this before Valentine’s Day by contacting one of our experts here.

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds!

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