Back to Basics: Entertainment Money Saver

Sometimes, we need to go back to basics. Our lives, houses, and minds can build up so much clutter over the years that we need to have an excellent old-fashioned cleanout and get back to our base needs.

When it comes to our financial health, getting back to basics can simplify our expenses and budget. One of the ways to do that is to look at all the different transactions in your “entertainment” blotter.

Family playing a board game.

In a budget, “entertainment” tends to cover much ground. Entertainment can mean streaming television services, video games, nights out on the town, and eating out. Instead of lumping all of these together, it’s essential to separate them to make sure that we know exactly where our money is going.

One of the best ways to get back to basics regarding our entertainment expenses is board games. We know it might sound a little silly. Still, when you consider how many hours of entertainment a board game can give you, your friends, and your family while comparing it to the costs of streaming television service, the costs per hour are amazingly in your favour.

A typical board game costs around $20-30 and can easily replace a night of watching television with a much more stimulating and bonding experience with those closest to you. Even if you want to break it down further, a board game doesn’t require electricity (maybe the odd battery) and doesn’t require an internet connection.

One of the most challenging selections will be “what game”, and if you value the relationships you have with the people you play with, then maybe give “Monopoly” a pass. We’ve seen that one end marriages.

Friends playing scrabble

The website BoardGameGeek is a mind-blowing resource that will show you how vast the board game market is. It’ll have suggestions for skill type, age, and time commitment. You can twirl down the options and get the suitable game that will give you hours of enjoyment and, most importantly, keep that budget down.

Of course, the ultimate way to get back to basics and cut down on that expense column on your budget is to sort out the enormous debts like mortgages. Unluck Monopoly, you don’t get $200 for passing “GO”, but we can offer you a risk-free meeting with one of our experts at Credit Connection that could result in your saving years and thousands of dollars off your home loan.

Roll the dice and contact them today!

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