Christmas Savings Tips

Christmas savings tips are for those that, instead of hearing sleigh bells this time of year, hear the never-ending sound of cash register chimes. Sure, cash registers don’t make much of a sound anymore, but the literation didn’t work as well with the soft beep of touching your card to PayPass.

The “silly season” can sure be a drain on the bank accounts but before you take that Christmas Savings Tin out to the corner and start waving it around, hoping for a few free five-cent pieces, let’s have a look at ways we can change Ho-Ho-Ho into saving you dough. I could have gone with dough-dough-dough, but I’m not THAT far into silly season.

A christmas bauble on a gum tree

Do you need those decorations?

What are the best decorations? The ones that you paid big-ticket prices on at the shops or the ones your family made and possibly handed down? Christmas is about sentiment as much as it is about anything else, so why not ditch the expensive mass-produced decorations for the ones made by yourself or your family. Truly one-of-a-kind pieces. You could even say they are #Exclusive.

Santa got you Christmas Gift Savings!

Having a Christmas Savings Plan for gifts is the key to ensuring the budget doesn’t lead Santa’s sleigh and fly into the horizons. If you are buying for kids, it’s good to grab things during sales throughout the year (doesn’t help now, I know), or even make Google Alerts for particular items and their online deals. Starting early means saving a bundle.

Aussie family decorating a tree in their shorts.

It happens every year.

Christmas is a magical time of year for sure, especially when you consider how many people it seems to appear in front of magically. Putting away a little money towards Christmas Savings for next year, even before Christmas happens this year, means that you won’t be hit with a sudden burden of yuletide spending.

If you don’t know where to start with the naughty-nice list that can be a Christmas Savings plan, you can always talk to a finance expert to get started.

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