Investment Management Apps: Are they for you?

Investment Management Apps are a fantastic way to dip your toes into the world of investing. While they are also great for seasoned investors, many of them are aimed at folks who want to get started but don’t know where to begin.

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What is the best investment management app?

Isn’t that the million-dollar question, sadly we don’t have the answer for that. Not because we don’t have an opinion on it but mainly because that’s what it is, an opinion. A recent article from the folks over at Canstar did discuss this exact topic in a lot of detail. This blog is simply a brief overview, so if you are interested in their opinion and learning about how to use investment management apps, give this link a click.

Using search engines to look up investment management app reviews will give you a great indication of what the users are saying about investment management apps.

Some of the best-reviewed apps include Raiz, InvestSMART, SelfWealth, Stocklight, Sharesite Reader, and Simply Wall Street. Each app has a plethora of tutorials and walkthroughs to get you started in the world of investing.

Raiz is a fascinating one in our eyes because while it allows you to set an amount you would like to invest, it has a great additional feature. When you sign up with Raiz, you establish a bank account that you spend money from. Raiz will round up purchases from that account and invest the difference in a portfolio of your choosing. For example, if you buy a coffee for $4.50, it’ll add 50 cents and hold it in an investment transaction. Once you have $5 built up, it’ll invest it for you. It couldn’t be easier.

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Where do I get investment management apps?

Most of the investment management apps mentioned are available on Android and Apple iOS mobile devices, or you can log into them via your computer. It is handy to have the investment management apps on your phone so that you can track all the changes in your portfolio whenever you want or maybe even top up your balance.

While investing on your own is an excellent way of investing in your future, it can also be daunting. If you would like to discuss your options with an expert, you can do that with our team by contacting us here.

Happy Investing!

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