Pets on a budget

Let’s face it, pets on a budget are challenging. They can chew through savings faster than a new pair of shoes or that fancy “chew-proof” gate that did not work as advertised.

We love our pets, though; they are a part of the family as anyone and need to be looked after in our budgets as well.

Here are some areas to remember when keeping your pets and budget healthy and happy.

a little girl cuddling with her pet bunny

Don’t skip the vet!

There are so many “golden rules” when being an adult, but the idea that you don’t need to take your pet to the vet for a regular check-up or that your car doesn’t need a tune-up every few months means that you’ll probably be spending a majority of your time at both places. Of course, this will end up costing you more than if you just did the regular maintenances.

Bringing your pet to the vet for regular check-ups is more than just about the overall health of your pet but also keeping unexpected expenses from creeping up on you and destroying your budget. While you are at the vet, you can also ask for advice about exercise and food for your pet and make sure that everything is catered to your specific pet.

This brings us to.

Some pet food on the market is more expensive than what you would find in the grade-a meat section of the local butcher! While you might think that the more expensive the food, the better it is for your pet, you’re more likely just paying for the latest marketing campaign for that food brand. Talking to your vet about your pet’s dietary needs means that you can get the exact food they need, and typically it’s not the high-cost stuff.

Just no!

This next tip might sting a little, but we are keeping your budget in mind here.  Yes, that little outfit you found online is SUPER cute, but you don’t need to buy it. Yes, that new toy looks super fun if you imagine being a pet but remember they are happier to chew on whatever you don’t want them to. We’re trying to get at the latest accessory for your pet is unnecessary. A simple ball, stick, cardboard tube, or a knotted-up rope of old socks are perfect toys for your pets and don’t break the bank.

dog and a cat under a blanket playing


While it might be easier to hire a service to do the “dirty work”, having a pet is about these responsibilities as well. Grooming, walking, nail clipping, and bathing are expensive services that can be budget draining and could be done at home. Even bribing a child to do it for an added allowance is something that could save you considerable time in the end.

Having a pet is supposed to be fun, so with these tips, you can get back to the fun and not worry so much about the expense as you continue your 2022 pathway to less debt more life!

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