The Planner is making a comeback!

Why use a planner? It can be seen as being “old fashioned”, but there is a reason why many people swear by them. What is that reason? It makes them stick to the plan. The reason is in the name.

The introduction of modern planner apps can have the same effect, but like a lot of technology, they are sold to us on the promise that they do a lot of the work. When it comes to running your life and finances, an app will never do the work; it’s just a tool.

hand with a pen writing details into a planner

We are not saying that digital planner apps are useless; they provide a lot of uses. We are saying is that a traditional planner works better because it’s harder to ignore than an app on your phone. You still have to put the work in, so having a physical representation of that is better for willpower than your phone, where you can swipe the work away and play a game or watch YouTube.

Daily financial motivation tips are something that we are dedicated to offering over on our social media; please check us out if you haven’t already, and there we talk a lot about having time every day to check your finances. A financial planner can help you track spending, income, investments and plan for future spending on events like holidays and birthdays.

Using a planner can make you feel more hands-on with your finances, even without touching them. It’s about being in tune with your financial wellbeing and knowing where every dollar is and where that dollar is going.

Many planners will also include areas for notes where you can put dialling financial learnings, and some come with vision boards where you can put financial goals and dreams.

Think about planners more petite as an annoying chore that needs to be done and more about a journal that tracks your pathway to financial freedom. Isn’t that a story that you’re going to want to read back on?

While you could run out and purchase a “you beaut” planner from the story or a custom one from Etsy, a print-yourself free one is just as good to get you started.

We’ve placed a free planner template from MoneySmart here to make getting started even more accessible.

Print out the planner, fill in the information and see how your mindset around your finances changes for the better. You’ll feel more confident about your financial choices and have a better overall relationship with your money.

Now, it’s time to make that money work for you.budget-planner_moneysmart

Woman filling in a financial planner

If you would like to learn more about how your money can work for you and also how you could cut years and save thousands from your mortgage, our team of experts are ready to talk to you. Click here to get started on the pathway to financial freedom and less debt more life!

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