Entrepreneurship at Home

The Queensland Government has long understood the importance of entrepreneurs and has a strong track record in investing in the startup community for the long term benefit of the economy, business and technical advancement.

Did you know that Queensland was the first state to appoint a Chief Entrepreneur?

The word ‘entrepreneurship’ has a long history, resulting in a diverse range of definitions. Howard Stevenson, the professor of the Harvard Business School, crafted a definition that incorporated all of them;

“Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources you currently control.”

Howard simply explains that entrepreneurship is not all just about making a fortune. Instead, entrepreneurship is a mindset that everyone can possess. Being innovative, focused, adaptable, determined and willing to see opportunities on the horizon is what an entrepreneur does. 

Becoming An Entrepreneur

The road to entrepreneurship is often treacherous; filled with unexpected detours, roadblocks and dead ends. That’s also why Brisbane is investing in building the skills of future entrepreneurs, with The University of Queensland appointing their own Chief Student Entrepreneur.

Throughout the entirety of the journey, the true story of the entrepreneur reflects itself in what they have learnt along the way; how they grew through their experiences. When trying to describe an entrepreneur, there is no perfect example. Entrepreneurial thinking can manifest itself in so many different ways.

The University of Nebraska came up with 6 diverse yet great examples of entrepreneurial traits:

  1. Think ahead
  2. Work across disciplines
  3. Develop transferrable skills
  4. Constantly meet new people
  5. Have mentors
  6. Be in charge of your own destiny

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