Money is a hot-button topic; people generally don’t like talking about it at all. A study by University College London found that “People are seven times more likely to talk to a stranger about sex, affairs and sexually transmitted diseases than discussing their salary.”

Couple stressing over their finances

But why?

People may even feel shame about their financial mistakes or feel like they aren’t doing as well as others.

People don’t like talking about money because the conversation quickly becomes ‘too real’ for them. Discussion of money may make some feel like they aren’t doing as well as others. People may even feel shame about their financial mistakes.

However, people don’t understand that talking about money can help them. Having a neutral discussion about personal finances with close friends and family, or the people you trust, can save you a buck in the future.

For example, the Ally Bank surveyed people who discuss personal finances socially. They found that they were able to find better interest rates on a savings account.

Money is a Mind Game

Hand reaching to dollar signs in the air.

Money problems are just psychological problems. Too many people believe that having more cash will solve these problems – but money problems are like a pattern. They are continuous.

Financial stability now means a world of happiness later. It’s all about personal development along the way to address these psychological problems. This personal journey can only be completed with the proper financial knowledge.

Opening up about your finances and letting people help you along the way will only bring positive outcomes.

How Talking About Your Finances with Credit Connection Can Help You

Speaking with a financial advisor is not shameful, but it is only for the people who don’t have time to sort out their own finances. It’s for everyone – and it can benefit you, too! It would be best if you stopped associating your finances with the feeling of shame.

We help people daily reduce their mortgage interest, streamline their finances, spend smarter, and stay on track with their financial goals.

Managing your finances is like most things in life – it’s a skill that can be taught! If you’re finding your finances overwhelming, learning from us is key to stopping yourself from feeling horrible every time you think about money.

Sadly, earning more money won’t solve all of your financial burdens because these burdens are more often than not a result of mismanagement.

Navigating the world of finance is daunting, so our expert team of experts make that process a lot easier – after speaking to us, a weight you didn’t think you could shrug off will be lifted from your shoulders!

Less Debt More Life™

You work hard for your money – imagine your peace of mind knowing your money is working hard for you. Our Mortgage Action Plan delivers guaranteed results and allows you to start living the life you deserve.


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